Beneath a covering of enticing satin and lace, lie the most indecent proposals.

The Villa Satine collection presents ensembles inspired by the greatest courtisans. Sumptuous satin and impertinent lace are brought together to create pieces both erotic and voluptuous.

In a new colour, anthracite grey, this timeless collection exquisitely reveals the power of femininity. Sublime basics stand alongside seduction must-haves, including; quarter cup bra, panty and garter belt...

Delicate, feminine and asserted, the Villa Satine muse evolves in her own sensual and voluptuous universe, where the modern-days heiress of the Belle Époque vamps steals the hearts of her suitors.


Villa Satine Wire Bra

Villa Satine Triangle Bra
Villa Satine Panty
Sheer Cut and Curled Stockings 20 Denier

Villa Satine Wire Bra
Villa Satine Mini Thong

Villa Satine Teddy

Villa Satine Quarter Cup / Cupless Bra 
Villa Satine Skirt