My Love, your soul tied to my heart serves me passionately... 

More than lingerie: a true collection of erotic ready-to-wear. This unique collection draws its inspirations in the Goth and fetish cultures, and propels Maison Close on the Fashion Lingerie scene. Exclusive and asserted, Nuit Infinie is a collection for the emancipated and imperious seductress. 

Sublime in her finely laced, breathtaking cleavages, the thin tie crossing an infinity of hand-stitched eyelets, the Muse laughs at narrow-minded morals, and likes to take her game of provocation over the edge. 

In the course of her infinitely thin lacing, the burning desire of her lover transforms into an all-consuming passion, an exquisite torture that will only cease at the dawn of this Endless Night.

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Maison Close Nuit Infini Skirt