Maison Close's Corps à Corps collection highlights sensuality with discreet and soft pieces of lingerie available in three different shades of nude designed to suit all skin tones. 

Each piece in the collection is accessorized with interchangeable elastics emphasizing the most carnal curves with a fluorescent line. Nudity becomes electrically playful... 

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Maison Close Corps à Corps Vanilla

Shop Vanilla / Neon Green

A sophisticated naturalness, with its satin tulle material effects, the Corps A Corps collection reveals a very worked nude complexion and tells of body poetry.

Maison Close Corps à Corps Ginger Snap

Shop Vanilla Snap / Neon Pink

Discover transparency that questions femininity as well as seduction. Enhanced with very saturated colours, 80s inspired neons, this collection is a staging of the skin, whatever its tone...

Maison Close Corps à Corps Chocolate

Shop Chocolate / Neon Orange