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When it comes to looking and feeling good in your lingerie, there's nothing more important than finding a bra that fits perfectly. 

Tips for putting your bra on

  • There are two ways to put on a bra, either way, is fine. You can either place your arms in the straps and fasten the back, or some people find it easier if you place bra with cups around your back, fasten it at the front and then twist it around.
  • With a new bra you should start on the outside set of catches (hook and eye), then as the bra wears and loosens, you can move onto the middle and inside catches.
  • Make sure you lean forward when putting your bra on, this will ensure the fullest part of your bust is in the fullest part of the cup.
  • You might need to give your breasts a lift to get them into a comfortable position. Always remember to adjust the shoulder straps. We recommend doing so each time you wash and wear your bra, this will help you get the best lift and shape. 

A good-fitting bra is can transform a woman's figure. Here's what you can expect from a good-fitting bra:

  • The band should fit firmly around your body, it should feel comfortable and you should be able to just place one finger underneath the band.
  • The centre of the bra (between breasts) should lie against the body.
  • The straps should be comfortable, not too tight and not pulling the back of bra up.
  • Your breasts should fit perfectly in the cups.
  • The front and the back of the bra should be parallel to the floor, or the back of the bra can be slightly lower.

Common fit problems

Problem: My breasts spill over the top or the sides of my bra's.
Solution: The bra cup is too small, you may need to go up a size or two.

Problem: The back of my bra keeps riding up and I'm forever pulling it back down.
Solution: The band is too big. Opt for a smaller sized back (eg. try a 34 instead of 36), or you can also try adjusting the hook and eye on the fastening at the back, to tighten the fit of the bra.

My problem: The cups of my bra crinkle and it looks bumpy.
Solution: The bra is too big. You need to try a smaller cup size, the bumpy effect shows there's too much space in the cup for your breast.

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